Volunteer Jobs

The swim team depends on parents to staff meets and fun activities. Everything about swim team is made possible through volunteers!

Each swim team family is required to provide at least one family member to volunteer THREE times during the swim season. There are even jobs at meets for first timers, those new to swimming, or those with a little one in tow! However, we recognize for some families it is difficult to always volunteer at meets. In addition to working 1 meet, if you would like to volunteer in a non-meet capacity, there are other ways we would be happy to have your help this year: Age Group Social Coordinators, Durham Bulls Coordinator, Talent Show Organizer, end of season slideshow, Spirit Week helpers (donut day, chalk the walk, poster making, nail polish), and other activities! Please inquire with parent reps for other ways that we may need help during the season.

Place Judge, Head Timer, Statistician, Clerk of Course, Scorekeeper, Starter, Stroke and Turn

These jobs requires special training. Inquire with parent reps or volunteer coordinator.
Note: Meet director, starter, and stroke and turn judges require pre-season DSSL Officials training.
Meet officials job descriptions can be found in the DSSL handbook.
Starter, scorekeeper, and stroke and turn judges can also find training tips here: https://swimmingly.app/training/


We use the “Swimmingly” App, formerly known as Meet Central. Easy training tips found here.


Pick up place judge slips from the Meet Director and Place Judges and take them to the scoring table.

Fastest Time Recorder

Record the time of the fastest swimmer in each heat.

Sign Flipper

Watch the meet and flip the sign that shows what event is currently swimming.


Helpers will serve soda/water at our home meets.
The hospitality coordinator will direct helpers when to offer the beverages.
All meet workers for both teams are offered cold drinks several times during the meet.

Heat Winner Distributor

The home team supplies the heat ribbons for the meet.
There is one heat ribbon distributor per meet.
Carefully watch each heat to see who touches the wall first.
Stand near place judge and consult if needed on close finishes.
Give the heat winner ribbon to the swimmer after he/she gets out of the water.

Age Group Social Coordinator

The age group social coordinator will plan a couple FUN activities to encourage team spirit and making friends and connections during the course of the season- ex. bowling, popsicles after practice, Chick-fil-A lunch, etc.) Note: We’d like parent volunteers for 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12; teen volunteers for 13 and up.

Talent Show Coordinator

Be the contact person for all talent show questions/information.
Manage publicity for the talent show (make posters, contact parent rep to post info via email/web).
Put up and manage sign-ups for the talent show.
Secure the emcees for the show (previous year’s Piranha Award winners).
Set the talent show order.
Manage set-up and clean-up before and after the show.
Recruit some helpers!!!

Bulls Night Ticket Coordinator

This person will be the contact person and responsible for coordinating the Parkwood Night at the Durham Bulls!
Sign-up for tickets will be handled via registration form.
Parent rep will pay for tickets with credit card.
A parent rep will give you a list of families who signed up through the registration link.
Handle “last call” ticket purchases (no money, no ticket).
The parent reps will handle initial publicity via email and the website.
You will request additional email/web publicity when you feel it’s time.
You will be responsible for bulletin board communications.
Someone will need to be available at each practice group for several days to pass out tickets before the game.
Send out an email to everyone with the list of those requesting tickets.
Contact the Bulls to pick up tickets.
Figure out how to seat families together once you get the physical tickets from the Bulls office.
Distribute tickets in labeled envelopes to parents or older teens only – not young swimmers.

Awards Banquet Coordinator

This person will coordinate the details of our end-of-the-year awards banquet.
Parent reps will help secure the location and time of the event.
You will be reimbursed for purchases made after turning receipts into a parent rep.
Setting up tables and chairs at venue (if available)
Setting up awards tables and sorting ribbons, awards etc.
Coordinate with the sound volunteer for microphones/sound system check
Communicate with the parent reps to confirm the format/theme
Provide advertising information to parent reps to post/email
Recruit others to help with set-up and clean-up
Purchase a sheet cakes, decorations such as balloons for the cake table, paper goods, etc. Please ask a parent rep before making any purchases!